Press and Seal Technique

Press and seal 2

Margaret Hall over at taught me this awesome technique so I decided to share too. I loved sharing this at my team meeting along with the Love it Chop it with my team members. Interested in joining Stampin' Up! this is the month to do it. Check out my Stampin' Up! page for more details.

New Annual Catalog

It's that time again.  Check out the widget on the side of my page make sure to click on the number 1 to see the annual catalog.  You can get to the annual catalog.  Enjoy!  Our first event is June 29th from 1-3 be sure and stop by for a wonderful class featuring the Woven Threads suite and see all the wonderful new items in the catalog. you can rsvp right on this link.

New Wonders

Good Afternoon!

Like most everyone else at this time of year I have a few kids in my life graduating.  I thought it would be so much fun to play up on the purple blends with this card.  This stamp set is called New Wonders from the new Annual Catalog coming out on June 1st.  This set is so fun.  I can't wait to work more with it.  The recepient is going to Kansas State University.  The mascot is the Wildcat and the color is Royal Purple.  Although I am a recent graduate of the University of Kansas because it's my littlest cousin's baby I am making the exception and lifting up her school colors.  I love this stamp set and it's versatility.

Happy Stamping to you all!


Chicken Black Bean Corn Enchiladas

Here is the recipe for the yummy enchiladas I made this week.


Chicken Black Bean Corn Enchiladas

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 30-35 minutes

Cook Temp: 350

By: Tricia Roberson



2 Cups rotisserie chicken

1 pkg McCormick Enchilada Seasoning Mix

1 8 oz block Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

½ 8 oz block PepperJack Cheese

3 10 oz cans Old El Paso Red Enchilada Sauce

1 15 oz can Black Beans

4 ears of corn on the cobb

1 Medium Vidallia Onion

½ stick of Butter

1 TBLS Garlic Salt

1 tsp Pepper

2 packages of corn tortillas (make sure they are room temperature)




Place Corn in the microwave with silks on for 5 minutes on high.

Dice the onion

Melt the butter

Shred the cheese

Drain the beans

Spray 1 13 x 9 pan and 1 8 x8 pan


Step one:

Preheat oven to 350

*You can skip this step by buying a bag of roasted corn in the freezer aisle*

*If your store doesn’t have roasted corn put the butter and garlic salt in a pan and roast a bag of thawed frozen corn in the pan*

Start your grill

Shuck the corn

Mix the melted butter and garlic salt in a dish

Baste the corn with the butter.

Grill the corn for five minutes turning every minute until you have nice char marks.

Remove the corn from the cob and set aside


Step Two:

Cut Chicken into small chunks

Mix in a bowl Corn, Beans, Chicken, ½ of the Enchilada seasoning powder, ⅔ block of cheddar cheese (roughly ¾ C) , onion and 1 Can Enchilada sauce in a bowl.

Place on can of enchilada sauce in the bottom of the 13 x 9 pan and 8 x8 pan (split the one can between both pans you are just looking to coat the bottom of the pan.

Spoon mixture to the right or left side of the tortilla depending if you are left or right handed.

Roll up tortilla and place in a 13 x 9 pan


Step Three

Once all of your enchiladas are in the pan split the remaining can of enchilada sauce of the enchiladas in the pan, top with remaining cheese, then sprinkle remaining enchilada powder on top of the cheese.

Bake for 30-35 minutes

Rest for five minutes



Magnolia Lane

Box front

Using the Acetate Boxes, Magnolia Lane Memories and More Kit, the Magnolia LaneLarge Specialty Memories adn More Cards and Envelopes you can make four unique boxes of cards for all occasions.

Magnolia Lane Gift

Completed frame

This beautiful frame is easy to make and will be treasured by the recipient. All you need is one sheet of DSP, 1 piece of cardstock, 1 scrap of cardstock and a rhinestone to make a gift that will last a lifetime.