Glitter Ornament

Ornament 2

A wonderful keepsake for years to come. Immortalize your favorite stamp set in an ornament. Great for yourself or a gift.

Pour a small amount (enough to coat) of floor cleaner inside ornament

Place wipie over the hole and lightly shake. (If you shake too hard you will get bubbles)

Fully coat the inside of the ornament

Drain the excess floor cleaner into cup

Place glitter into the ornament (Make sure you have enough you will have to wash it out and try again if it gets splotchy) If wanting a white one I use multiple sizes of white glitter to coat inside.

Place the Wipie over the opening and shake until coated.

Gently Shake out excess into cup and put aside to dry

When dry wipe the front outside with wipie and dry with a paper towel

Pat heavily with embossing buddy

Pick your stamp (it’s easiest to do with smaller stamps and a flatter ornament as pictured above.)

Have Patience and a steady hand you’ve got this!!!

Stamp your sentiment. If using a bigger stamp I found that using a window sheet as your block gives you more flexibility. You will have to rock a little bit.

Inspect your work there is no turning back from here. (I did one of mine four times see step 11)

Sprinkle with embossing powder

Heat carefully use small circular motions and remember glass conducts heat FAST your hand will get warm. (I suggest folding up a papertowel to hold your ornament so you don’t burn your hand.)

If you use a small stamp you can repeat steps 9-15 as many times as you want to stamp

Set aside to cool


Enjoy for years to come

132205s Gold Silver Stampin' Glitter 132205

102283s Versamark Pad 102283

142049s Christmas Pines Photopolymer Stamp Set 142049

126966s Cherry Cobbler Classic Stampin' Pad 126966

109130s Clear Stampin' Emboss Powder 109130

103083s Embossing Buddy 103083